Realtor Tools I can’t live without

Typically, I don’t sit at a desk for long during a work day.  Being a realtor, I’m usually on the go – showing houses, talking to clients and contract management.  Lots of times, I won’t be at my office when I need get something done.  That brings me to my post today.  Here are my favorite items I would be lost without.

1.  Smart phone – Oh what did I do with out you?  The ability to get emails and intenet wherever I am is priceless.  I’m able to repsond to client emails, make showing appointments on the fly.

2.  IPAD –  The greatest invention ever!  This device has transformed the way I meet with clients.  I can go through a marketing plan, show comparative home sales, search for properties and draw up a contract.

3. Docusign – I try very hard to be paperless.  Docusign is a great tool for my clients and myself.  Long gone are the days of printing out contracts to sign then, scan and email back just to repeat over and over.  I’m able to send a contract or any paperwork to clients via email and they can sign/initial documents from their office or on the go.  This speeds up the transaction.

4. Supra key – This device lets me unlock houses for buyers and lets me know when and who enters a listing of mine.

5. Digital distance reader – I can take room measurements with a click of a button and quickly.  No more messing with long measuring tapes, which I usually snap myself when retracting it.

What tools do you consider indespensable?



About Lisa Iglesias

I've been a Houston Realtor for 5 years and loving it! I have a passion for design which makes touring homes so much fun. My experience in interior design helps me see the potential in each home and helps my clients visualize themselves in the home. Beside real estate, my husband and I enjoy taking our two dogs to the dog park, trying the wonderful restaurants in Houston and I love reading mystery books. I've also completed 3 half marathons and working on my fourth.
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