Benefits of touring homes

I love my job! Over the past several months as I have been touring homes with clients i’ve had the benefit of seeing lots of cute nurseries. While I’ve always loved to look at interiors of homes, baby rooms were not on my radar. With the impending birth of our first baby it has been great to gather nursery decor ideas from the homes we tour. I have seen some over the top cute to some “what were they thinking” rooms.

It is also great to see how they store baby clothes and toys. As a planner, I appreciate the look into how parents and kids live in a home. This peek into our upcoming lifestyle has been helpful in my planning of our baby room. Just one of the benefits of being a realtor.


About Lisa Iglesias

I've been a Houston Realtor for 5 years and loving it! I have a passion for design which makes touring homes so much fun. My experience in interior design helps me see the potential in each home and helps my clients visualize themselves in the home. Beside real estate, my husband and I enjoy taking our two dogs to the dog park, trying the wonderful restaurants in Houston and I love reading mystery books. I've also completed 3 half marathons and working on my fourth.
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2 Responses to Benefits of touring homes

  1. Jill Hamlin says:

    Come on baby!

  2. melissa says:

    can’t wait to meet your baby and see what y’all come up with for your home!

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