Worthy repairs if you’re thinking of selling

Now, that it is spring, many homeowners are planning to sell their homes.  I caught Real Estate expert, Barbara Corcoran on the Today show talking about 5 smart home fixes that make a big impression on buyers.  I’m going to recap her suggestions along with a few of my own that are specific to Houston. 

1. Front Yard:  Barbara and I completely agree on this item.  The yard is the first impression for a buyer and simply tidying up the bushes and adding colorful flowers can make a big impression.  Add a couple of flower pots with sculptured bushes or colorful flowers is easy and quick.   This improvement does not have to be expensive and you will recoup your time and expense!  Even a small investment of $100 can make a difference.

2.   Change main entrance:  The front door is an important item.  As a Realtor, I show a lot of homes and the front door is one spot that clients spend a few minutes waiting while the door is unlocked.  A door that is in poor condition, dirty, etc. sets expectations for what they will find behind it.  Barbara recommends either painting the door in a high shine finish or replacing the door.  A wood door can be refurnished for around $400 while replacing the door can cost around $2000.  A can of paint on a door is even less, just make sure the surface is smooth! 

3. New windows: Barbara talks about how cheap windows make a house look cheap.  She said by replacing windows you’ll recoup about 85% of the cost and estimates the cost to be around $350 per window including installation.  Living in Houston with the heat, good double paned windows are a good selling point.  They add insulation and can lower the high electric bills due to the summer heat.  Many homes in popular areas of The Heights, Oak Forest, Garden Oaks and Timbergrove are older and have original single pane wood or metal windows.  New windows can make a difference to a buyer as they just see lots of windows and an expensive improvement that they will not be able to afford after the purchase.  I think replacing windows is a good repair!

4.  Move the laundry room: She recommends moving the laundry from the basement to the main floor.  Now living in Texas we don’t have basements but I think the improvement can apply to moving the laundry from the garage to the house.  When it comes down to it, who really wants to do laundry in a dark, dirty room (as garages typically are)?  Convert an oversized closet to put full size stackable washer dryer. 

5.  Stainless Refrigerator:  Replacing the old fridge with a stainless one can make the whole kitchen feel more modern.  They can range from $800-3000 for a good model.  A new modern fridge does make buyers say “ooh-wow” and another item they don’t need to buyer after closing. 

The buyers of today’s market have some high expectations and with more homes on the market they have options.  Spending a little money to improve the impression your home leaves on buyers can mean the difference of sitting on the market versus an offer. 

If you are thinking of selling and wondering what improvements you can make to your home for the biggest bang, call me and I’ll be happy to help you with a custom list. 

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About Lisa Iglesias

I've been a Houston Realtor for 5 years and loving it! I have a passion for design which makes touring homes so much fun. My experience in interior design helps me see the potential in each home and helps my clients visualize themselves in the home. Beside real estate, my husband and I enjoy taking our two dogs to the dog park, trying the wonderful restaurants in Houston and I love reading mystery books. I've also completed 3 half marathons and working on my fourth.
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