Condition or Location?

Recently, I’ve been working with a client who is looking to buy their first home in the Heights.   Working within their budget their budget comes down to two options:

  1. A bungalow with some updates like a kitchen, bath, roof or exterior but location is not the best. 
  2. A better location, structurally sound home but no updates.

The benefits of buying a home with no updates is THERE ARE NO UPDATES!  You don’t have to put up with an ugly tile or a not-so-great remodel.  If you are buying into a good location where home values above then this home is a clean slate.

This could be a great investment if the updates are tastefully selected and well done.  This is the time to go tour homes in the next price point up and see what buyers are wanting and look at those homes with successful remodels and notice those which were unsuccessful.   

Ever hear, location, location, location?  Condition of the home can always be changed but you can’t do anything about location.


About Lisa Iglesias

I've been a Houston Realtor for 5 years and loving it! I have a passion for design which makes touring homes so much fun. My experience in interior design helps me see the potential in each home and helps my clients visualize themselves in the home. Beside real estate, my husband and I enjoy taking our two dogs to the dog park, trying the wonderful restaurants in Houston and I love reading mystery books. I've also completed 3 half marathons and working on my fourth.
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